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School Day

Arrangements for drop-off and collection during the ongoing COVID-19 situation are as follows:-


Morning drop off will be between 8.40 and 8.55am.

Children in Classes R, 1 and 2 need to be brought to the Laureston Place gate.

Children in Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 need to be brought to the Maison Dieu gate.

Adults dropping the children off will not be able to come on site. Staff will be on the gate and children are to make their way to class/line up with staff as required.

If you have a message for the class staff or school office please email or telephone.


Collection at the end of the day

We are setting specific collection times for each class in order to help with dismissal.

Please come to the relevant gate at the right time and form a socially distanced queue.

Please note that there will be no access to the school building – including for the toilet or to visit the school office.

If just one adult per child comes to collect at each gate it will help to keep the numbers as low as possible. If you have children to collect at both gates and have two adults who can manage this it would also help, otherwise collect your younger child first. Please let us know if this aspect does not work for you.

Staff will send the children to you.

Staff will telephone or email you with any messages.

As always please let the school office know if anyone other than you is going to collect your child.

Please leave as soon as you have your child(ren).

Dismissal times are as follows:

Class R: 3pm – Laureston Place

Class 1: 2.50pm – Laureston Place

Class 2: 2.55pm – Laureston Place

Class 3 and 4: 3pm – Maison Dieu

Class 5 and 6: 3.10pm – Maison Dieu