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Our Staff


Executive Headteacher:
Ms H Comfort (B.A. Ed.Hons, NPQH)

Appointed: April 2017

Acting Head of School:
Mrs A Trelfer (B.Ed. Hons)

Appointed: September 1989

Mrs H Shaw (B.Ed)
Appointed: January 1996
Class R: Miss S Riley (B.A. Hons, PGCE) Appointed: September 2014
Class 1: Mrs E Fagg (B.A. Hons) Appointed: September 2008
Class 1: Mrs D Craig (B.Sc. Hons, PGCE SEND) Appointed: September 2020
Class 2: Mr A Matheson-Venning (B.A. Hons, PGCE) Appointed: September 2018
Class 3: Miss B Roberts (B.A. Hons) Appointed: September 2020
Class 4: Miss A Sayer (B.A. Hons, PGCE) Appointed: September 2017
Class 5: Mrs S Muller (A.C.E.) Appointed: April 2016
Class 6: Miss K Loges (B.Ed) Appointed: September 2017
Family Liaison Officer: 
Mrs A Punton
Appointed: November 2008
Business Manager: Mrs L Windsor Appointed : May 2019
School Secretary: Mrs C Morley Appointed: March 2018
Admin Assistant: Mrs D Maltby Appointed: April 2021

Teaching Assistants:

Miss J Amer Appointed: April 2020
Mrs L Bondzio Appointed: April 2002
Mrs M Cassingena Appointed: September 2001
Mrs T Jones Appointed: January 2002
Mrs M Mold Appointed: October 1999
Ms M Page Appointed: February 1994
Mrs K Russell Appointed: September 2015
Mrs C Salter Appointed: February 2016
Mrs S Smith Appointed: October 1996
Mrs A Southey Appointed: December 2018
Mrs E Stockley Appointed: November 2014
Miss M Stone Appointed: April 2020
Miss N Wrench Appointed: September 2011
Miss C Yarnley Appointed: April 2020

 Site Manager: 

Mr D Trelfer Appointed: July 1999

 School Cleaners:

Mrs V Gaymer Appointed: June 2019
Mrs H Leigh Appointed: September 2012
Mrs N Milton Appointed: January 2006

Midday Supervisors:

Miss N Allcock   Appointed: November 2020
Mrs J Fuller   Appointed: April 2021
Mrs H Leigh   Appointed: September 2012
Mrs N Milton   Appointed: January 2006
Mrs C Stirrups   Appointed: January 2018

 Breakfast Club Supervisors:

Mrs N Milton Appointed: January 2006
Ms M Page Appointed: February 1994